D is for Dagger

Henry Bell isn't just a tinker who travels around the country sharpening knives and other tools. He MAKES knives when he can find a forge to use.

Here's a blog post that explains how to do it. 

He also choreographs sword fights for theater groups and RenFest participants.

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And he's a knife thrower. He met his wife working for a carnival, and still goes to national meets and competitions to teach and participate in knife-throwing. Probably nothing THIS dramatic though, but you get the idea.

This is a part of the character that is totally me. I love knives, I collect them, and, yes, I throw them. But only at inanimate targets. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many knives I own. So, I won't mention it. 

This is actually a fairly inexpensive hobby. You can get a set of beginner throwing knives like this for about $20.

Does your character have any weird passions or hobbies? You have to admit, Henry Bell is an unusual guy. 

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