C is for Challenge

Apparently, my biggest challenge this month will be blogging daily! Ha! I'll just accept the Catch-up Challenge here and now.

 Back to the Cutting Edge Mystery novel. 

There will be Children. Henry Bell, the main character, is a single dad with a daughter. I'm not yet sure what age. Adolescent for sure. I'm not even sure what she looks like exactly. I'm leaning to a delicate blonde, because it ties into the enemies-to-lovers theme I might want to explore. 

Which brings me to the eventual heroine in the story, who is also a traveler, so their paths keep crossing. She is a costumer working with theater and dance groups, but also participates in art festivals and Renaissance and Celtic festivals. Do I know her name yet? No. But I know what she looks like:

Yes, I think I'll make the daughter a blonde too. The hero has problems with the love interest's appearance, because she reminds him of the child's mother who left him with an infant. The daughter, however, is attracted to this woman for so many reasons, including appearance. 

It could play. 

What else? Pets are going to be an issue. Traveling with animals complicates life, and travelers tend to simplify. But a cat is always a nice addition to life, especially one who travels well. I once had a cat who loved to sit on the dashboard and take rides in the car. That could work too.

I don't know. I really want a rat, not a cat. I'll have to think about this some more.

What about you? Any writing challenges lately? 

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