Tiny Houses

Nest House by Jonathan Avery

I confess. I have been a fan of the tiny house movement for at least a decade, and perhaps longer. I grew up in Germany where large living spaces just aren't normal, and even prosperous locations are often tight quarters. Every square foot (or should I say meter?) is creatively utilized, there is nothing useless, storage is kept to a minimum, and many items and rooms are multi-functional. 

No surprise that the van life would sound appealing to me as well. The same concepts apply, except the homeowner is much more mobile. I seriously considered going this route a few years ago.

And then my eyesight failed. That plan is now a no-go.

However, my planned novels with traveling characters are still very much in process, and everything I have learned can be adapted to a tiny house lifestyle. Oh, yes, that's definitely still on the agenda. In my wildest dreams, I would have more than one tiny house on my little rural acreage.

Did you know you could buy tiny houses on Amazon? They sell out fast, and units like this one are much less expensive than even a travel van. 

There are other creative options. You could convert a storage shed like this:

I would probably dive into a gazillion books and plan my own version. Then put Himself to work building one. Or maybe two. I can't quite imagine two polar opposites living together in such a tiny space, but that's another issue.

There are countless books published about designing tiny houses. Here are a few that interest me:

And there are so many more! I get excited just looking at the covers. 

How about you? Have you ever thought of living small? 

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