S is for Sewing

Fae Donovan is my heroine in the Cutting Edge mystery series, and she is a costumer in great demand across the United States. She loves her job and is quite comfortable in her perfectly planned and organized Mercedes Sprinter van in which she travels to various theaters and cosplay venues across the country. Her home/studio on wheels is magnificent in its organization and modern efficiency. She has all the amenities of a tiny home, with plenty of space to work and to store the tools of her trade. 

And lots of scissors. She always has plenty of good scissors. Isn't it handy and totally annoying to know that Henry Bell, that irritating man she keeps stumbling upon wherever she happens to be... that he, the wretch, sharpens her beloved scissors better than anyone... ever?

Side note: if you're looking for sewing shears, you can find them at Amazon. Like Fae, I prefer Ginghers because they are reliable and affordable, and also hold a sharp edge.

Fae has plenty of storage space under her travel van, so she carries a full-size sewing machine that she can set up at various theater locations. She is a Singer girl, like her mother and grandmother before her, and the pricing of Singer machines sits well with her Scot's blood. This one available on Amazon is quite affordable, and light enough to carry into work locations.

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Would Fae carry books with her? My guess is many of the reference manuals she uses would be available online or via eBook. But most craftspeople do have a few books that serve as professional bibles. Here are some that she keeps tucked under the seat of her travel van. 

Here is one essential:

And this one for pattern making:

This is her mother's copy and she carries it for good luck:

If you have sewing book favorites, by all means, tell me in the comments! I love costumes, but true confession and full disclosure: I hate to sew. How I ended up with a main character who does it for a living is clearly wishful thinking of epic proportions! 

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