I is for Internet and Income

The Cutting Edge mystery series begins at the start of the COVID pandemic. So many things were instantly impacted, including travel and how businesses operated. Can you imagine what is was like for a traveling business, not knowing how your usual venues were impacted? Theaters closed. Stores closed. Restaurants closed or had limited hours.  And how to find more work? I think we all realized how dependent we were on the internet. Certainly my book characters did.

So that begs the question: how do RVers access internet? Do they have equipment on their rigs? What's a hotspot? Or do they rely on their smartphones? Because you can bet that everyone was tapped into some form of virtual communication. Must research this some more.

Income: another problem from the onset. Traveling creatives, of course, know how to adapt and find new venues. My heroine, a costumer maker, jumped on the custom mask bandwagon right off. The hero? It was spring, so rather than travel to restaurants to sharpen knives, he made contact with farmers needing equipment sharpened for spring planting. Those are just a few ideas.

That made me wonder how banking would work for people on the road all the time. Online banking, but what about carrying cash? How would you hide money on a rig?

And those stimulus checks. No problem, I guess, with federal payouts, but what about state support? Do travelers register somewhere so they have a home base? Would they qualify for some sort of state unemployment?

Please leave me a comment if you know the answer to any of these questions!

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