K is for Kissing

It's something I love to do in real life and something I love to write about in romance stories. 

But in a novel that begins during a pandemic when everyone is cautioned to wear masks and social distance, kissing is going to present quite the challenge, isn't it?

Even more interesting, characters will have to smile with their eyes, if they smile at all. They will wonder what's under that mask. Nice teeth? Dimples? What kind of a chin? Lush kissable lips? Will they be pleased? Disappointed?

So that leads to research about a new kind of smile - the Duchenne smile. How would I describe this in my story? Smize like you mean it! I do believe I'll use that expression.

I suspect the romance (enemies to friends to romance) is going to be a slow burn in this series. A very, very slow burn. It already feels like a modern-day Regency romance, where characters didn't touch hands, much less lips. 

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